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1/10 scale Saturn V launch at MDRA.       Video - Saturn V 2009.mov

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NAR/TRA - South Eastern Virginia Rocketry Assoc. (SEVRA) - Launches at Chesapeake, VA

Yahoo Group - SEVRA     

Where I work - NASA LaRC

My Rockets:

Level I Project:                                                            Level II Project:


PML Pit Bull                                                             Extended G3 - Born on the 4th of July

Ares I (19.5" tall)                    Semroc Little Joe II (14.5" tall)  

Ares I launch video (C6-5) - 1/2 speed [12/2007]                       Little Joe II launch video (C6-5) - 1/2 speed

Estes Astrovision (19" tall)

Video from Astrovision.avi - 5/3/2008 - Started slightly after takeoff.

Video from Astrovision.avi - 5/3/2008 - Started after takeoff and shows parachute deployment.

5-17-2008a video

5-17-2008b video


Estes D-Region Tomahawk (39" high)                                    

Tomahawk launch - 1/2 speed                                                     Mercury Redstone                          Nike Apache

AGM-12D                           AGM-54                           AGM-85                          AGM Bull Pup                   Blue Missile                      CCCP

GBU-24                            Tomahawk Cruise

Arreaux                                    G Force I                       G Force II                       Mustang

Blue Ninja                         Chrome Dome                   Cobra                              Comanchee-3                   Fat Cat                             Metalizer

HL-20                                    Orange Rocket                 Rack Rocket                    Saucer                               Skywriter

Space Ship One                Spyder                            SR-71                            Super Eagle                      Thunder Star

Triton-X                            Venus Probe

Rocket Launches from SEVRA:

Video of launch - 1/2 speed

Rocket launch video

Video of launch

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